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Ridge View

Located in a quaint, cloistered corner in the heart of New Delhi, is this cosy apartment– an epitome of life and vigour.

Nestled at the edge of a ridge and facing the sylvan panoramas—commonly known as the lungs of Delhi­­— the home paints a pretty picture of a buoyant, yet tranquil lifestyle. It bestows upon its inhabitants the blessing of dwelling in the city centre, yet away from the chaos of the metropolis. Envisaged for a couple with a keen interest in all things colours, the design scheme weaves the whims and fancies of the well-travelled clients into the design story of the tangible, colourful and stimulating piece of art that is the Ridge-View apartment.

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The Works Interiors

TWI is a Delhi NCR-based design studio offering end-to-end architectural and interior design experiences, ranging from bespoke furniture units, space design to spatial execution.

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