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Setting up a Workspace at Home

Working from home is a very different situation as compared to working in an office. While the work is the same, the working environment is fundamentally different. The office has a proper routine and schedule to follow, but working from home is relatively fluid, with multiple distractions and disassociated tasks at play. Hence, it becomes all the more important to set up a beautiful and functional workspace to keep oneself motivated and efficient.

Any work, whether a business, a corporate job, or some freelance work, that is to be managed from home will require a dedicated spot. Though it may not require a full-fledged, dedicated office area, one definitely needs a designated workspace to operate from. I like to call this space or spot the ‘Hoffice’- Home Office! Your ‘Hoffice’ needs to fulfil some basic criteria-

1) The location of the workstation is critical to your work; It has to be relatively quiet and should allow for privacy to concentrate and get the job done. Ensure good Wi-Fi connectivity at that spot.
2) Placing your desk against a window or in a room with natural light filtering in, is ideal. Some much-needed vitamin D can be an instant energizer, and daylight is a known mood booster. Thus, it will help one stay focused on the task at hand.
3) In case there is a restriction in finding a well-lit space, install good artificial lights. A work area with good lighting will ensure that the eyes don’t get tired. Plug in a good lamp, and one is set to go.
Along with this, ensure that there are enough electrical points to plug in all devices- laptops, phones etc. If not, one can always use a multi-plug adaptor. Make sure to use a wire management system to hide the wire clutter.
4) Organize your desk- a clean, organised workspace helps one stay focused. Keep your papers and files organised in a drawer or shelving system. Putting stationary in nice trays and holders will not only aesthetically enhance the décor, but also keep the space clutter-free.

5) Choose the right furniture. Since you will be at your desk almost all day, make sure it is ergonomically viable as well as visually appealing to go with your room setting. Invest in a good chair; it must have the correct height, good back support, and comfortable armrests.

6) Add some greens- a small house plant on your desk can add freshness, especially when your eyes need a break from the laptop screen. Go for fragrant candles or essential oils; the right fragrance can help one focus better. These small nuances will make the space look happy and bright.

The advantage of working from home is also the flexibility of sitting at our desk, dining, or sofa. Either way, enhancing the overall space with beautiful pieces, some greenery, fragrant candles, and comfortable furniture will help motivate one to work and focus better.

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