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Refurbishing Spaces

Simple tips and tricks to help you refurbish your home interiors.

Refurbishing your home interiors or your office interiors can seem like an overwhelming task; with little details in mind but no clue where to start, there is a lot that you think you might miss. So here are some pro tips on how to begin refurbishing projects:

  • Accurate measurements

Measure the space to know the precise dimensions of the available area. Ensure the sizes you noted are accurate by measuring twice. Take inventory of every existing item in the room as well as all that you want to add.

  • Sketch it out

Make a room layout. Play around with different permutations and combinations of the furniture you want to place. While deciding the furniture layout, keep in mind that there should be ease of movement and flow.

  • Mood boards

Put together different material textures and colours on a mood board to design your space and visualise how the room will come together.

  • Visualise

A three-dimensional drawing helps visualise how the space will look better. If possible, work on a perspective view to better perceive your space.

  • Lighting design

Light is crucial in any space, and hence special attention should be paid to lighting design. Take inventory of the existing lighting and the amount of natural light the room receives. If there aren't sufficient light points, they should be added during renovations and need to be planned in advance.

  • Upcycle and Recycle

Furniture has a long shelf life. So, when you refurbish your space, keep the environment in mind and see if any existing furniture pieces can be upcycled or recycled. You change the finish of the furniture piece, and it will be as good as new.

  • Material selection

Select and purchase materials before beginning any execution on site. Sometimes, sourcing takes more time, and other times the delivery might take longer. In order to avoid unnecessary delays in work, plan ahead.

  • Wall finish

Select your wall paints. However, paints take a long time to dry; If you are short on time and wish to achieve quicker results, use wallpaper.

  • Plan and stay on track.

Renovation and refurbishments can be tedious and lengthy processes. Hence it is crucial to plan all details with the contractor in advance to avoid delays and finish the work in time.

While refurbishment can seem like a tedious process, these simple steps will help you execute it better and play a role in shaping a better design for your home interiors while also saving you a lot of time!

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