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How to take care of your wooden heirlooms?

A guide to maintaining the wooden furniture

Owning a piece of wooden furniture could be an excellent investment. It accentuates the interior design of a house or office, whether contemporary, modern or historic style. Wooden furniture has been popular for decades and is preferred for residential interiors, due to the ease of availability of wood and the material’s moldability. Whether it is an antique piece with intricate carvings and craftsmanship or a sleek modern one like the Chandigarh chair that has grown to be a favourite amongst the best interior designers in India, each piece of furniture has the ability to embrace history and pass the love down generations. Wooden assemblies in home and furniture designs, on the other hand, necessitate constant maintenance and care to ensure that they last long and become heirlooms in the future. Here are some tips for caring for your wooden valuables that can be passed down to future generations if followed and conserved.

1. Dust regularly

Everyone likes a gleaming, dust-free, spotless surface, especially in home interiors. When other objects rub against the furniture’s surface, dust particles accumulate as a layer appears as scratches. Dust your beloved pieces with a soft clean cloth regularly to ensure cleanliness and maintenance.

2. Reduce exposure to sunlight

Exposing wooden furniture every day to the sun could be harmful in more ways than one. It could permanently degrade the material’s strength and cause a noticeable fade or discolouration in the appearance of the finish. Even if your furniture is kept indoors, avoid placing it near uncovered window openings. Instead, use light filtering blinds and drapes, as well as furniture covers, to significantly minimise the intensity of sun exposure. Additionally, due to our tropical climate, the best designers in India favour a protective UV coat to the wooden furniture to provide additional protection. Melamine or PU coats, matt or glossy finishes can also be opted for depending on the desired look for your furniture.

3. Nothing too hot or too cold

Avoid placing an object that is either too hot or too cold straight on the wooden furniture. It causes the top layer of the furniture coating to disintegrate, staining the surface. Further, if used regularly, it might permanently harm the wood. Therefore, it is always advisable to use coasters to place mugs or glasses. Alternatively, one could also opt for wood finishes that are water-based, these form a thin layer on the surface that keep the grains of the wood intact and protect it from hot/cold cups or spills.

4. Embracing the ageing

Remember that your furniture will change and age with time, so embrace the process and treat your wooden furniture with care. Carry furniture with a firm grip, especially while relocating, and protect sensitive edges with rubber pads or bubble wraps to avoid damage or breaking.

5. Keep the sharp objects away

A mark or scratch on your wooden furniture detracts from its attractiveness and leaves a permanent scar on the items. Therefore, avoid using sharp objects near your wooden furniture, or at the least, be extremely cautious while doing so.

6. Oil and wax periodically

With time and use, the protective coating on the top of the wooden furniture typically wears away. Hence, it is best to oil or wax the wooden surface every six months to keep its freshness and sheen. However, make sure to prepare the surface first by cleaning it well and only use enough oil or wax to remove the wood’s dryness.

7. Warm water for cleaning

To remove any hard stains, deep clean the wooden furniture pieces with warm water and a mild detergent regularly. Also, wipe the wet area with a dry cloth immediately to prevent moisture from soaking into the wood.

Wooden furniture is often the most obvious choice for home interiors and office spaces that effortlessly elevates the aesthetics of the design. These easy steps will not only ensure that your spaces are healthy and inviting, but it will also be a material manifestation of nostalgia, time and memories shaped out of wood to pass along to generations to come.

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