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How to Stay Timeless in the Era of Changing Trends?

The onset of a new millennium and the following two decades saw a rapid evolution in many fields. Interior designing and home decor were not untouched by this revolution. A shift in design preferences, aesthetics, and the way we perceive and transform our living spaces marked this gradual change. The era of standardisation was put to an end as homeowners expressed a newfound desire for personal expression and individuality in their homes. A surge in technological advancements and globalisation increased design accessibility and opened the doors to a diverse range of styles, materials, and innovative approaches for home styling.

In this blog, we look closely at these shifts in interior styling while giving some tips for staying timeless with your home interior


Awareness About Interior Design Professionals

The last many years saw the professional interior design practice being sidelined in home styling and renovation. Practitioners like carpenters, masonry workers, or contractors were the primary sources of consultancy. Despite the talent and vernacular knowledge they possess, these labourers also require 

consistent guidance and understanding of space from architects or designers. The last few years have witnessed a considerable shift in people's awareness towards hiring interior designers and architects for any kind of interior or spatial transformation. This change has led to increased client openness in adopting trends, as well as practical and sensible design approaches. 


Expressing Self Through Design 

No matter the period,  people have always had a strong connection with the spaces they inhabit, fostering a sense of belonging. This bond has only deepened in recent years, with people becoming more aware of customising the spaces to reflect their personalities. With practicality and functionality being fundamental requirements,  people have now inclined towards designs that uplift and enhance our everyday experiences, encouraging self-exploration. However, attention to detail has become paramount lately, and it is coming forth in everything about interior styling. 


Adopting the Latest Technology

The advancements in technology have led to the transformation of furniture in the digital and automated sense. For instance, side tables are now equipped with air purifiers, sofas have built-in Bluetooth speakers, and desks can be suspended from the ceiling to save floor space and create a multifunctional area. People are increasingly opting for desks with adjustable heights controlled by remote. Such technological transformations have ushered interior styling into a new era. 


Staying Timeless While Adding the Personal Touch

The new opportunities for interior designers and architects to design spaces have brought a spectrum of concepts, themes, materials, and finishes to choose from. To stay timeless, one should keep up with the current trends but never lose personal touch. For example, use shells such as beige and greige for the overall palette and selectively highlight a few walls to attain an evergreen touch.  

To create a timeless appeal, adorn the spaces with elements that tell your story. Travel souvenirs, photographs, books and art pieces make the best decor pieces and lend a personal hue to your home interior. 


Prioritising Context & User Well-being

We are in an era of fast-changing trends. Therefore, one should always think through every aspect and not blindly follow trends. The context, or the surroundings, must be kept in mind while considering your home interior. While some trends may look appealing, they may not always be practical for your particular space. Therefore, it is important to conduct thorough research and evaluate whether a trend aligns with your lifestyle and budget.

Moreover, the Pandemic has taught us to prioritise the user's well-being first and foremost. It is a critical parameter that must be carefully considered and implemented in the spaces we design. Trends like automation offer long-term benefits, as smart homes can simplify our lives and help conserve resources. 

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