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Designing Spaces with Timeless Aesthetics

In the design world, trends are seasonal; they come and go. However, spaces are a permanent part of our lives, especially in the case of a home, which is one of the most personal spaces. Moreover, with the pandemic, people spent a lot of time at home and realised the importance of a timeless space that reflects one’s personality. Hence, it is imperative to create evergreen residential interiors that always appeal to the residents. Here are a few ways the best interior designers in India design spaces with a timeless aesthetic:

1. Create a layout

Designers in India focus on the bigger picture and address all the needs of the space through a layout, trying to accommodate your needs for the next few decades. For instance, depending on your needs, the breakfast counter can be designed as a makeshift work-from-home desk, or your study can accommodate a projector and be converted into a home theatre when required.

2. Assemble a mood board

Creating a visual palette of materials and aesthetics for your home interiors that speak to you is the next step to grounding the ambience of your space before construction begins. Remember, well-balanced residential interiors will never go out of fashion. And best interior designers in India swear by the fact that a mood board allows you to try different permutations and combinations because while you like different materials in isolation, they might not always complement each other. Designers in India believe that with visual boards, one can explore materiality, and the end product acts as a reference to come back to in case of confusion at a later stage, say during selections.

3. Sort your services

Once the layout and visual palette of the residential interiors are finalised, focus on the core of the structure- the services. These include plumbing, electrification, HVAC system and essential elements like flooring, ceiling and walls. Best residential designs in India ensure uncompromised quality so that there is little, to no maintenance, in these to achieve timeless aesthetics.

4. Understand the decor elements

The decor creates the personality of a space, and hence designers in India think that it is vital to curate pieces in a way that reflects your choices to interest you for a long time. There are two parts of decor- the built-in elements and the dynamic elements. The former is a more permanent part of the interior space, whereas the latter can be experimented with. To balance both in home interiors, it’s essential to understand your own style, likes and dislikes.

5. Fixed elements

The more permanent elements of residential interiors like the wall colours, flooring material and fixed furniture like wardrobes and kitchen counters should ideally be in a neutral palette like creams and beiges. Additionally, the best designers in India use natural materials like wood and stone to create a wholesome look because they can be amalgamated with most design sensibilities. Finally, consider your materials from a durability and maintenance perspective and choose wisely.

6. Explore with fluid elements

According to the best interior designers in India, decor elements such as lounge chairs, ottomans, centre tables, rugs, and cushions can be playful and be changed periodically. It could be neutral that blends with the overall aesthetic or an eye-catching element in home interiors that makes a statement. However, it is feasible if a proportion of them are versatile to be paired with any other piece of furniture; for a change of look.

7. Upcycle and reuse

Recycle the old and blend it with the new to personalise the space with nostalgia, making home decor more meaningful. It could be an old mantel, a storage cabinet, or a traditional chair inherited from your family. Such items bring warmth and belonging to residential interiors while ensuring it feels like home.

8. Playful patterns and upholstery

Prints and patterns are eye-catching elements that are an excellent way to dramatise a space, as demonstrated in the best residential designs in India. Classic patterns like chevron, herringbone, houndstooth, gingham, and plaids, if done correctly and in the right proportions, can bring eccentricity to neutral spaces. These can be explored in elements like cushions, curtains, rugs and throws.

9. Art and Biophilia for the win

Travel souvenirs, photographs, books and art pieces make the best decor pieces; such a collection is as personal as it gets. Designers in India adorn spaces with elements that tell your story and create a timeless appeal. Additionally, the pandemic blurred the boundaries between the inside and the outside. Hence, green leafy plants are an economical and eco-friendly way to make any home interior come alive; these decor elements can never go out of style.

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