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Cheat sheet to perfecting for your living rooms

In residential interiors, the living room has grown to become a versatile space. For the past few years, most of us have had to work from our homes. With the entire family sharing these common spaces, its design and utility need more emphasis and thought. Besides that, with the variety of furniture, materials, fabrics, accessories and decorations to choose from, it could get difficult to decide on the look and execute that efficiently for your home interiors. Therefore, here is a cheat sheet, curated from the practices of the best interior designers in India, to help you plan your living rooms.

1. Pick your style

What is your kind of furniture aesthetic? The main thing with furniture in residential interiors is that one needs to determine the vibe and style of the space for a cohesive look. Hence, designers in Delhi recommend picking your preference – whether it is modern, mid-century modern, contemporary, minimalistic, essentialism, eclectic or anything else.

2. Don’t forget functionality and comfort

Best designers in India vouch that functionality and design are both equally crucial aspects while designing or sourcing furniture pieces for home interiors. Make sure the length, height and depth are based on the size and space of the living room. The ideal height should be 17’ for a sofa, and the depth can range anything from 30” to 36”. Depth depends on the space and how much sitting space one needs.

3. Consoles and Tables

In residential designs, coffee tables and consoles are equally important features of the living room and must be paid attention to. Best designers in India press that selecting the correct shape, design details, and materiality is crucial. Whether the finish is a veneer, a stone, coloured or textured is a significant detail and plays a hand in putting together the space’s design aesthetic.

4. Upholstery for furniture

A vital element of sofa and lounge chairs is the upholstery which has an expansive landscape of options, ranging from cotton, linen, and polyester in vivid colours, prints and textures. Assess the purpose and use of the furniture with respect to home interiors and narrow down the fabric accordingly. For instance, delicate silk on a sofa that will be used extensively is a no-no; instead, opt for a sturdy material like linen. The delicate silk can be used on a cushion instead.

5. Accessorise right

Besides furniture, accessories play a defining role in manifesting the overall look of a living room in residential interiors. Decor items like plants freshen up the space and make for calming elements in a home. Similarly, art in the form of paintings, photographs, sculptures, and wall art are a great way to bind the look while expressing your style.

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