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Bold wallpapers for your spaces

Walls form the largest surface of any space, becoming the enclosure that creates a room, making it one of the most essential interior design and decor elements. In today’s world of technology and innovation, there is a wide range of wall finishes options available like paint, wall-cladding, and wallpapers, with the growing popularity of the latter. Not only is wallpaper aesthetically pleasing and feasible in many options, but it also has a fast application and quick turnaround time, making it a favourite among interior designers and homeowners.

From digital and abstract prints, floral prints and even 3D wallpapers, one can opt for various colours, textures, prints and patterns to create a bold statement for their spaces, depending on the ambience and the aesthetics desired. For example, if one wants a vibrant summer-y or tropical appearance, a floral printed wallpaper is a great option. On the other hand, if the space is neutral and classic, a monochromatic wallpaper with embossed texture or a three-dimensional wall finish will add dynamism to an area. In fact, wallpapers are ideal solutions to aesthetically cover imperfections and old paint, adding a renewed look and feel.

Additionally, today with the peel & stick wallpaper options available, people have the flexibility to keep experimenting and be playful. If one has a particular design in mind, some vendors offer customisation, and some artists even hand-painted the wallpapers. Treat the wall as an artwork and experiment with the space using bold colours and pieces that are sure to add a distinct personality to one’s space.

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