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5 materials for Kitchen Countertops that you should know

The Kitchen is one of the most used spaces in residential interiors, especially in an Indian household. According to the best designers in India, it is also one of the most crucial areas that need to be functionally sound and materially solid and durable. Here are some of the popular materials available for Kitchen in the market.

1. Granite

This is the most commonly used countertop material in home interiors is granite, as they work best for Indian kitchens. The material is easy to clean and maintain over time as this is scratch and stain-proof. This natural stone is available in a variety of alluring options, from black granite to a dusty brown coloured in both matte and polished options.

2. Quartz

Designers in India often use Quartz as an alternative to high-end granite. However, it is a little more porous than granite and hence needs to be properly cleaned, maintained and kept cautious of hot vessels and liquids. The material comes in a lot of beautiful colours and patterns to aesthetically complement the kitchen interiors in your home.

3. Natural stone

These are durable and non-porous and give a beautiful, sustainable look to the kitchen counters. Natural stone is economically low on pockets; however, designers in India prefer to use it in holiday homes or platforms with limited usage as it tends to gain scratches and stains due to heat and rough cooking with time.

4. Stainless steel

A commonly used material in commercial kitchens, stainless steel countertops can be used in residential kitchens to give an industrial look. It is one of the most hygienic options as it can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. However, heavy utensils sometimes leave dents on the material.

5. Natural wood

Natural wood imparts a beautiful cottage or a holiday home look to the kitchen. The material is non-porous, so there is no worry about hot pans and heavy utensils. However, these can observe scratches if used roughly or as a base for chopping. Hence, it is best suitable for dry cooking in house interiors and can prove to be expensive as well.

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