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In a cluttered room or space I feel stifled, I can’t think straight…

When I clear out the mess it seems as though a weight has been lifted off me…literally!

With our busy lives we tend to ignore spaces that were intended to help us store our wares, but over a period of neglect these storages hoard unwanted junk.

We need to face reality!

Places you need to declutter-

  • Your Wardrobe- one of the biggest culprits is our fashion fetish! Give away in charity what’s not being worn…yes just do it!
  • The Kitchen-My mantra is use everything and once it breaks (which invariably it does!) donate the set and then buy the other.
  • Clear your electronic devices of extra files, apps, folders.
  • Declutter your handbag- you will be surprised what you can find in there!
  • Work on a desk, clear off piles of papers and please throw away pens that don’t work!
  • Cabinets and drawers…we all crave for extra storage…be mindful of what you keep, don’t forget the question list before you stash away anything.

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Ask yourself-

  • Do I need it?
  • Will I use it?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Is there a place for it?


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Be tough and don’t give into sentiments,

What you haven’t used in more than a year, needs to go…

A successful decluttering session needs time and energy.

And No there is no ‘spell’ to do the cleaning for you!

Benefits of clearing the mess!

  • A clean space leads to clear thinking and fresh perspective.
  • With everything in its assigned place, you save time finding that particular thing.
  • You allow for positive energy to flow in and move freely.
  • Your general health improves; you sleep better and are energized to carry on your daily tasks.
  • With increased efficiency you may find time for things you so want to indulge in!

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So go ahead make a start…remember ‘baby steps’…

Start small with one area or space, with determination and right intentions every task can be overcome!


Enjoy the moment!

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