The Works Interiors | About Us
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About Us

The Works Interiors was founded by duo Devika and Raj in 1998. They believe in creating harmonious environments that bring wellness into peoples lives. In today’s world of consumerism and extreme overload of information ‘The Works-Interiors’ aims at providing a relief offering customised solutions that best fit your dreams.


Devika Khosla
Creative Director

Devika has a vast experience in the field of Interior Design.
Her discerning eye & collaborative approach create spaces, which reflect the narrative of the people who occupy them.
An Intensive course at Pratt- New York further enhanced her creativity and design skills.
Her mantra is to think out of the box and always have an open eye and an open mind! She believes that “Design is not always about doing something different, it's about doing the mundane things differently.``

Raj Khosla
Managing Director

With nearly 25 years of experience in all aspects of graphic and spatial design, Raj established ‘TWI’ with Devika to realize a consuming passion for design and bespoke furniture.

The team means a great deal to Raj and he brings out the strength of each individual at the studio.
He brings strong organisational skills to each project fuelled with a passion for attention to detail.
In Raj's Design dictionary there is no room for 'Makeshift'.